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Cell sample preparation is the most critical part of a single cell separation experiment.  It is essential that the cells be:

  • In single cell suspension, with no clumps or debris
  • Accurately quantified, as the concentration of input cells will determine the number captured
  • Highly viable (>85-90%), as dead cells will affect capture efficiency and generate noise

The preparation of high quality cells is obviously different for each type of specimen.  10x Genomics has a number of protocols suggested for some common cell and tissue types (see support link below).  They can also often provide guidance for other preparations.  If your tissue or cell type is not listed, contact us to help you find information to get started. 

Common protocols for use with 10x Genomics Chromium services:

10x Genomics provides many additional protocols, guides, and training resources at the 10x Genomics Support website.