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User Publications

Lightsheet Microscopy:

R.A. Petersen and A.C. Morris (2021). Visualizing Ocular Morphogenesis by Lightsheet Microscopy using rx3:GFP Transgenic ZebrafishJ. Vis. Exp. 170:e62296

S. Purushothaman, A. Elewa, A.W. Seifert (2019). Fgf-signaling is compartmentalized within the mesenchyme and controls proliferation during salamander limb development. eLife 2019;8:e48507.



Y. Kong et al. (2023). Single-cell analysis characterizes PLK1 as a catalyst of an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment in LUAD. BioRxiv

S. Lee et al. (2023). APOE4 drives transcriptional heterogeneity and maladaptive immunometabolic responses of astrocytes. BioRxiv

S. Lee et al. (2023). APOE modulates microglial immunometabolism in response to age, amyloid pathology, and inflammatory challenge. Cell Reports 42:112196.

A.L. Byrd et al. (2023). Dysregulated Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 contributes to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by rewiring stem cell fate. Stem Cell Reports 18:289-304.

Z.R. Hettinger et al. (2022). Mechanotherapy reprograms aged muscle stromal cells to remodel the extracellular matrix during recovery from disuse. FUNCTION 3:zqac015.

Y. Wen, D.A. Englund, B.D. Peck, K.A. Murach, J.J. McCarthy, C.A. Peterson (2021). Myonuclear transcriptional dynamics in response to exercise following satellite cell depletion. iScience 24:102838.

K.L. Van Der Meulen, O. Vocking, M.L. Weaver, N.N. Meshram and J.K. Famulski (2020). Spatiotemporal characterization of anterior segment mesenchyme heterogeneity during zebrafish ocular anterior segment development. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 2020.00379.


VAST BioImager:

M.G. Haney, L.H. Moore, J.S. Blackburn (2020). Drug screening of primary patient derived tumor xenografts in zebrafish. J. Vis. Exp. 158:e60996.


Confocal Microscopy:

L.A. Krueger, J.D. Bills, Z.Y. Lim, J.M. Skidmore, D.M. Martin, A.C. Morris (2023). Chromatin remodeler Chd7 regulates photoreceptor development and outer segment length. Exp. Eye Res. 226:109299.

K.F. Titialii-Torres and A.C. Morris (2022). Embryonic hyperglycemia perturbs the development of specific retinal cell types, including photoreceptors J. Cell Sci. 135(1): jcs259187.

C.E. Coomer et al. (2020). Her9/Hes4 is required for retinal photoreceptor development, maintenance, and survival. Sci Rep 10:11316.