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Rate Table


Rates below are effective July 1, 2024 and are subject to periodic evaluation and adjustment.

Imaging Instrumentation

Rates listed assume that a user has been trained and is independent in instrument usage.  An initial training session is provided at only the cost of the instrument time. A credit in the amount of the cost of the training session will be applied to the first independent user session.  Imaging performed by Center personnel will incur additional charges.  Any consumables provided by the Imaging Center will be charged in addition to the hourly fees.  

InstrumentUK Users Daytime Rate*UK Users Off-hours Rate*External Users
Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1$30/hr (>4hr-->25/hr)$25/hr (max $100/day)$45/hr
Leica SP8 DLS$28/hr (>4hr-->25/hr)$25/hr (max $100/day)$42/hr
Olympus LV200$15/hr$10/hr (max $40/day)$15/hr
VAST Imager$15/hr$15/hr$30/hr
BioSorter$55/hr$15/hr (self-service)$80/hr
Image Processing Workstation$18/hr (max $70/day)$70/night$30/hr

*Daytime rates apply to usage from 9:30AM-5:30PM, during which the Center Manager will be available for assistance and consultation.  Off-hours usage (5:30PM-9:30AM) will be permitted at the discretion of the Center Manager and Director for individuals who are trained and independent in their usage of specific instruments.  Note that fees for imaging sessions that span daytime and off-hours will be the sum of those hours.

10x Genomics Single Cell cDNA Library Preparation

**The A&S Imaging Center offers a variety of genomic and transcriptomic analysis solutions from 10x Genomics. Below are descriptions of the most common and basic services, but note that there are many additional services and options available. Please schedule a consultation with Center Staff to discuss the most appropriate and cost-effective strategies for your project.

10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell 3' GEM-X v4 Reagents are used to partition single cells and generate barcoded cDNA libraries for single cell RNA-sequencing analysis (scRNA-seq).  Researchers provide viable single cell suspensions of the target cell populations.  Imaging Center staff will process cells to create libraries ready for Illumina sequencing.  The service includes:

  • Evaluation, quantification, and viability assessment of input cells
  • Single cell capture of desired target number of cells (500-10,000)
  • Generation and amplification of single cell cDNAs
  • Construction of Illumina sequencing-ready indexed cDNA libraries
  • Quality assessment and quantification of libraries

Services DO NOT include sequencing or bioinformatic analysis. Projects must be discussed in advance with Center staff and a Project Safety Questionnaire completed and approved. Please schedule sample submission two weeks in advance to ensure availability of staff and reagents.

3' Single Cell v4 Transcriptome ServiceUK Users (per sample)External Users (per sample)
1 Sample$2650$2900
2-3 Samples submitted together$2200$2450
4-5 Samples submitted together$2000$2250
6-8 Samples submitted together$1900$2150

10x Genomics Visium Spatial Transcriptomics Reagents capture mRNA or probes from frozen or FFPE sections onto 55 micron barcoded oligonucleotide spots (Standard Visium) or onto 2 micron barcoded tiled grids (Visium HD) to generate libraries that retain the spatial information for each spot/tile.  Researchers section fresh frozen tissue or FFPE tissue onto a Visium slide (provided by ASIC). Imaging Center staff will fix, stain, image, and process slides to create libraries ready for Illumina sequencing.  The service includes:

  • Visium slides
  • Fixation (fresh frozen) or deparaffinization (FFPE) and H&E staining of tissue on Visium slides
  • Imaging of stained tissue
  • Generation and amplification of cDNAs
  • Construction of Illumina sequencing-ready indexed cDNA libraries
  • Quality assessment and quantification of libraries

Services DO NOT include sectioning, sequencing, or bioinformatic analysis. Note that a one-time tissue optimization run is required for each fresh frozen tissue type to be processed.  For each FFPE tissue block, RNA quality assessment and tissue adhesion evaluation are highly recommended (inquire for details). Please discuss projects with Center Staff and schedule sample submission two weeks in advance to ensure availability of staff and reagents.

Visium Spatial Transcriptomics ServiceUK Users (per slide)External Users (per slide)
Visium Standard* 4 sample slide for frozen sections (1 slide)$6600$7100
Optimization run for fresh frozen tissue (1 slide)$1800$2200
Visium FFPE Standard* 4 sample set- CytAssist (2 slides/set)$8800$9400
Visium FFPE XL** 2 sample set CytAssist- (1 slide)$8400$9000
Visium HD***- 4 sample set- CytAssist (2 slides/set)$13,600$14,600
FFPE RNA Evaluation (first sample)$250$350
FFPE RNA Evaluation (each additional sample per run- 10 max)$25$35

*  Visium Standard slides have 4 capture areas (for 4 tissue slices), each 6.5 x 6.5mm (~5000 spots; 55um each)
**Visium XL slides have 2 capture areas (for 2 tissue slices), each 11 x 11mm (~14,000 spots; 55um each)
***Visium HD slides have 2 capture areas (for 2 tissue slices), 2 slides per set (~10,000,000 spots; 2um each)

The A&S Imaging Center also offers services for additional transcriptomics and epigenomics assays, including 10x Genomics 5' Gene Expression and Immune Profiling Assays, 10x Genomics Multiomics (scRNA-seq + scATAC-seq) Assays, 10x Genomics Chromatin Accessibility (scATAC-seq), and more. Please contact us for more information.


Transmission EM Sample Preparation

The A&S Imaging Center offers TEM sample preparation services for biological specimens.  Preparation options include specimen fixing, embedding, sectioning, and histological staining.  Basic rates are listed below.  Potential users are strongly encouraged to contact Center staff before initiating a project.  All services are performed by Center staff.  Sorry, but we are not able to accommodate self-service preparation in the Center at this time.

ServiceUK UsersExternal Users
Fixing and embedding (Set of up to 10 samples)$400$600
Sectioning and staining (per sample block, two grids)*$125$187.50
Sectioning only (per sample block, two grids)*$100$150
Thick Sectioning only (per sample block)*$35$52.50

*Cited rates assume that appropriate regions for sectioning are easily identified. If rare or very specific structures are required, additional hourly charges may be incurred. Please consult with Jim in advance to determine whether this may apply.