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  • How do I sign up to use an instrument?

You can submit an online Equipment Reservation Form to request a particular date and time. Equipment availability can be viewed on the Google calendars for each instrument found on the Scheduling page.

  • How do I get trained to use an instrument?

Submit an online Equipment Reservation Form and indicate in the "Notes" field that you would like to receive training at that time.

  • I have used a similar instrument in the past.  Do I still need to go through training?

Yes. We want to know that all users have received proper instruction in using the instrumentation and are aware of procedures in the A&S Imaging Center. Although users are charged for training, the expense is credited against their first independent session on the instrument, so training does not incur any additional cost. 

  • How do I pay for equipment use?

UK users provide a valid account number at the time of service. Charges are entered into the university system monthly and the PI will receive a report of charges by email. External users may pay by credit card and will be provided with a link to enter payment information.