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Light Sheet Workshop for Cleared Samples- July 25-27

Arts &Sciences Imaging Center, 158 Jacobs Science Building

The Arts & Sciences Imaging Center invites UK researchers to participate in a workshop and demonstration using the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 to image cleared fluorescent samples.  Because of the high speed and excellent sample penetration, light sheet microscopy is ideally suited to imaging of thick, optically clear fluorescent specimens.  New clearing methods for biological samples, such as CLARITY, have made it possible to image specimens that are otherwise opaque.  During the workshop, Zeiss technical specialist Courtney Akitake will mount and image cleared specimens provided by participants.  Reservations are not necessary to observe sample mounting and imaging or to speak with the Zeiss representative.  Observers are welcome to come at any times during the workshop, but most of the "action" is expected to be in the first couple of hours and last hour of each session.

Scheduled Sessions for the Workshop:

2:00-3:00PM: Tissue mounting
3:00PM-overnight: -Morganti lab- Mouse brain- microglia labeled with RFP

9:00AM-1:00PM: -Morganti lab- Mouse spinal cord labeled with RFP
2:00PM-overnight: -Andres lab- Mouse brain- neurons labeled with YFP

9:00AM-12:00: -Smith lab- Lamprey embryos- double-labelled
2:00PM: -Wrap up and data manipulation

For more information, please contact us