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New GEM-X Chemistry for Single Cell Assays from 10x Genomics

The latest generation of 10x Genomics chemistry for single cell transcriptomics is now available. The GEM-X chemistry upgrades the previous Next-GEM technology to provide substantial advantages:

  • Increased sensitivity- detects 2x more genes (than Next-GEM)
  • Increased cell capture efficiency reduces the required number of input cells- (around 70-80% efficiency)
  • Increased cell capture number- up to 20,000 cells per sample
  • Lower rate of multiplets (capture of more than one cell per barcode)
  • Lower price per sample

GEM-X is now incorporated into the 3' Gene Expression Assay and the 5' Gene Expression and Immune Profiling Assays. Contact us for more information or to discuss your project.

(Image courtesy of Jeff Chalfant)